CarbonRun’s CTO, Dr. Eddie Halfyard, lends his expertise in freshwater ecosystems on Solve for X: Innovations to Change the World

In a new episode for the podcast Solve for X, we explore the potential of marine carbon dioxide removal.

Scientists are finding that ocean alkalinity enhancement is one of the more promising solutions for permanently storing carbon from the atmosphere. And not only could this emerging technology help with the climate crisis, it could also address another key problem: acidity in the ocean, which is endangering ecosystems. In this premiere episode of the second season of Solve for X: Innovations to Change the World, we discuss how this technology could help and what still needs to be figured out.

This episode features Dr. Eddie Halfyard, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at CarbonRun. He’s also a research scientist with the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, pursuing freshwater alkalinity enhancement to restore salmon habitats.