How It Works

How It Works

Built on decades of research, CarbonRun reduces acidity in rivers.

A first-of-its-kind Canadian-made technology, CarbonRun mobilizes hydrological science to safely and verifiably drawdown CO2 . Our founders are global experts on river ecosystem health with decades of applied experience restoring rivers.

Our Process:

  1. CarbonRun’s technology releases site-specific amounts of natural, instantly dissolving alkalinity into rivers damaged by acid rain and pollution.
  2. The increased alkalinity attracts two sources of carbon dioxide: terrestrial carbon released from the land into a river, and atmospheric carbon present in the air.
  3. The river transport system delivers scientifically measurable amounts of trapped terrestrial and atmospheric carbon to the ocean for long-term storage.

CarbonRun’s technology meets provincial and federal regulatory standards and adheres to strict third-party Monitoring, Reporting & Verification protocols (MRV).

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