Frontier announces purchases from CarbonRun, a Canadian company that combats climate change by restoring rivers.

Frontier, an advance market commitment for carbon removal, has announced that it is facilitating carbon removal purchases from CarbonRun, a new mission-driven company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. CarbonRun has the dual goals of restoring freshwater ecosystem health while reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Rivers naturally draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and deliver the carbon to the ocean. This natural process helps keep the planet cool by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Pollution disrupts the health of river ecosystems and diminishes the capacity of rivers to hold carbon. CarbonRun has developed a way to restore this connection using well-understood river restoration approaches. By reversing river acidification caused by human-induced pollution, CarbonRun enhances a river’s natural carbon capture ability and ensures the water is healthier for fish and other aquatic life: a win-win.

Ultimately, this approach will help remove large amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide while restoring the health of our rivers. Answering the call of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), CarbonRun offers a safe and effective carbon dioxide removal strategy to complement emission reduction in our global fight against climate change. In this way, CarbonRun aims to align carbon dioxide removal with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Frontier’s mission is to accelerate the development of carbon removal that has been rigorously assessed against criteria including around durability, verifiability, cost, and safety, including environmental outcomes. The prepurchase facilitated by Frontier will enable river restoration projects that will remove atmospheric carbon dioxide, restore freshwater ecosystems, strengthen local communities, and increase our ability to meet vital climate goals.


Shannon Sterling PhD, Founder & CSO

“I’m thrilled about the exciting prospects that lie ahead with CarbonRun’s new approach to carbon dioxide removal. By enhancing the natural capacity of rivers to drawdown carbon, our solution has the potential to play a pivotal role in our arsenal against climate change. River-based carbon dioxide removal offers valuable advantages: it is remarkably swift and easily quantifiable, delivers tangible ecological benefits, and can empower local communities in the process.”


Eddie Halfyard PhD, Co-founder & CTO

“I have devoted my 20-year career to restoring wild rivers and saving endangered species. However, finding funding for this vital work has always been a challenge. That is why I am excited about the CarbonRun process, which can remove CO2 from the atmosphere by adapting a proven method to improve water quality. This is a rare opportunity for climate action that also benefits rivers, using a simple, practical and safe approach. I believe that the CarbonRun process is a win-win solution for fish, local communities, anyone who cares about healthy rivers and, ultimately, the planet.”